CKC Students Meet with Prof. Hao Yu

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At 13:30 on the 9th of October, 2018, a meeting with Prof. Yu Hao was held. It was hosted by Prof. Ying Songmin, Vice Dean of Chu Kochen Honors College. Prof. Ge Jian, Executive Vice Dean of CKC and Dr. Zhang Fan, Vice Dean of CKC attended the meeting.


Prof. Yu Hao, Provost's Chair Professor and Head of Department of Biological Science, NUS, has won the President’s Science and Technology Awards, Singapore, considered as Singapore’s  most prestigious award in the field of Science. He specialized in Plant Reproductive Development and Phytohormone Regulation.


Prof. Yu has shared his life experiences with CKC students and shed light on students’ questions about their study and their future plan. Prof. Yu stated that interests can be the strongest driving force for students’ study and research. Besides, Prof. Yu also emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge and scientific skills, such as critical thinking, presentation skills, and academic writing skills.


We hope through this meeting, students can kick off a small project and find their research interests.

Translation: Han Chenrui

Wang Xinyue

Huang Mengchi

Proofreading: Sun Zhijun