Over her century-long history, Zhejiang University has been blessed with numerous talents.Among these stars,Chu Kochen(1890-1974),former president of Zhejiang University and a famous meteorologist and geographer,is the star of all stars. His presidentshi from 1936 to 1949 is legend; He is the man that made Seeking for Truth our university motto; he is the man who stressed that the fundamental purpose of a university is to bring up students who are fair, faithful and firm, who can take the lead and steer a nation;he is the man who led all the faculty and students to blaze a trail into China's West at the times of Japan Lnvasion.It is his extraordinary courage and unparalleled wisdom that kept our university intact while she had to stray from Zhijiang Province all the way to Guizhou Province.Zhejinag University survived the crucible of hardships a brand-new star,an entity reputed as Oriental Cambridge by Dr,joseph Needham, a renowned British historian of science and technology. 
    Chu Kochen Honors College,named after such an unmatchable made up of a pool of elite undergraduates. who are to be given the best instruction and cultivation .the coolege .with Zhejiang University's top disciplines and faculties her bedrock, offers each student a tailored and diverse education moder. so that they have the freedom to express their individuality and develop their potentials.


    To bring up talents for 21st-century science development, Zhejiang University initiated in 1984 a pilot project—Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering), which “mixes” freshmen from different departments into an elite class, where the strength of Zhejiang University’s engineering courses can be combined with the advantage of her long-established science courses. From then on, Zhejiang University has never looked back in the exploration of elite education. 
    In May 2000, Chu Kochen Honors College was established on the basis of Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering), Undergraduate Program for Advanced Engineering Education, Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The diverse model of Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering) was then extensively applied to more elite students in the Honors Programs of Liberal Arts&Social Science, Science, and Engineering. This new stroke of renovation enabled the development of Chu Kochen Honors College to turn a new chapter. 
 ■ 1984  Mixed Class
 ■ 1994  Undergraduate Program for Advanced Engineering Education
 ■ 1999   Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
 ■ 2000  Establishment of Chu Kochen Honors College
       Arts Experimental Class (Honors Program of Liberal Arts & Social Science)
       Science Experimental Class (Honors Program of Science)
 ■ 2002  Experimental Program in Finance
 ■ 2003  Undergraduate Program of Public Administration
 ■ 2005  Ba Denian Medicine Class
 ■ 2006  Adjustment of the three Honors Programs
       English+X Double-degree Class
 ■ 2008  ZJU Jevons Business Group
       Cultural China Program of Chu Kochen Honors College
       Intensive Training Program of Innovation & Design
       Foreign Language+X Experimental Program
       (Former English+X Double-degree) 
 ■ 2009  International Training Modular for Agribusiness Management
 ■ 2010  Pursuit Science Class (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer)