As an “experimental plot” in the teaching reform of Zhejiang University, Chu Kochen Honors College has actively engaged in the exploration and practice of cultivation model, curriculum provision, credit system, tutorial system and other management mechanism, which is a great drive force and model in the educational reform of the university. Thus, Chu Kochen Honors College has been widely recognized by other universities at home and abroad and enjoys a high reputation in society. In 2005, a project named “The Exploration and Practice of Cultivating Top-notch Talents with Spirit of Innovation for Twenty Years”, which mainly involves the teaching reform of the Mixed Class (Honors Program of Engineering) and Chu Kochen Honors College, won the first prize of National Teaching Fruit. 
    Chu Kochen Honors College has taken full advantage of quality teacher resources and promoted curriculum building in the reform of teaching contents, methods and means so as to establish a series of top-quality courses on Literal arts, foreign language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other basic subjects. In the past three years, there have been 38 school-level top-quality courses and 8 national exquisite courses established by this college. The undergraduates of Chu Kochen Honors College have achieved splendid results in scientific research and academic study. At the first Ranking of Undergraduate Academic Research Achievements of Zhejiang University, Chu Kochen Honors College won the first place with the highest total score and per capital score. Since 2005, more than 2000 students of the college have got all kinds of scholarships from Zhejiang University. Among them, 13 students have been awarded with Chu Kochen Scholarship of Zhejiang University. From 2000 to 2003, 88 papers have been published, some of which have even been published by IEEE and other well-known international academic publications. In addition, the students of Chu Kochen Honors College often win prizes and titles in such international, national, and provincial competitions as follows:

Item of Contest
number of participants
4 gold metals
10  silver metals
4 bronze metals
Provincial programming contest for university students
3  1st prizes
5   2nd prizes
American Contest of  Mathmatical Modeling
Wu 1st prizes
Liu 2nd prizes
International Contest of  Mathmatical Modeling for University Students
8  1st prizes
1  2nd prizes
National Contest of  Mathmatical Modeling
Wang and Chen, 1st prize
Regional Contest of  Mathmatical Modeling
2 Outstanding Award
1  1st prizes
Challenge Cup Contest
1 Outstanding Award
2  1st prizes
2  2nd prizes
3rd English Speech Contest of Zhejiang Province
1 2nd prizes
3rd English Speech Contest (school level)
1 1st prizes
2 2nd prizes
1 3rd prizes
Mitsui Cup National Contest of Chemical Engineering Design
1 Outstanding Award
Zhejiang ZEDC Cup contest of Chemical Engineering Design
1 Outstanding Award
3rd Zhongkong Cup Contest of Robot Design
1  1st prizes
1  2nd prizes
Challenge cup contest of extracurricular academic-scientific works
2  1st prizes
2  2nd prizes
2  3rd prizes