Together with students’ characteristics, Chu Kochen Honors College has organized a series of campus cultural activities and quality development project for its students to enrich college lives and to enhance overall capabilities.
    Mix is the most important students’ activity in CKC. Mixed class created the special cultivating style in CKC; it is special for its emphasis on art and math, special attention to the cross of knowledge, raises the ability of professional research, focus on individual’s development and teamwork. Mix is not only a kind of art, but also spirit, CKCer are in every major in school, and they form the culture of bearing all the good things, thinking actively and do best in all aspects of life.
    The theme of the MIX Day in 2009 is celebrating the birthday to our country that has set up for 60 years and 120 years old headmaster Chu Kochen. On the day of the festival, we had a series of splendid activities including academics and art, and all of these have showed our talent, dream, energy and our youthfulness to everyone.

    Political party member advanced study plan
    CKC pays special attention to the construction of students’ thoughts, encouraging excellent students to attend the party. At meantime, in order to raise the quality and ability of students who had already joined the Party, CKC made a one-year political party member advanced study plan. Through the study of theory, ability training, social practice, public service and other ways, increase the students’ acknowledge of mental political level, fully use the function students’ vanguard, and raise the capability of practice and service.

    Mental health education month
    CKC focus on mental health education among students, CKCer may hold the activity twice a year. And through the test that taken at the beginning of the college and behaviors in their daily lives, we pay special attention to those who have difficulties in their mental, and provide necessary need for them.

    “Mountain Zhu (Zhushan) Swordsmen’s Tournament” is a lecture series which set up in October 2003. It is charged by the Student Union in CKC. From the first lecture “Mixing Spirit”, after 4-year reformed and innovation, it creates the atmosphere of learning and broader plat for CKC students. And it satisfies the students’ wishes such as approaching professors, successful men and old students. It also makes a learning brand for CKC.

Brilliant activities of sports and entertainment

    Science and technology association in CKC is responsible to launch exercises about competition and technology, tried their best to build the study atmosphere which is freedom, enriched the students’ mental and culture lives, fostered alma in technology competition. There are two clubs in the association which are science and technology club and reading club. Science and technology club, based on mathematical modeling, industry designing club, programmer club, robots club, intelligent vehicles club and other science and technology basis which provide teachers and facilities and many other rescores, hold colorful activities in science and technology. Reading club encourage the CKCer to read more good books by holding the many activities, such as reading salon, classic films appreciation, reading experience exchange meeting and other activities, this had enriched students’ lives, enlarge the breadth and depth of one’s knowledge.

    CKC encourages students to attend several art and culture activities, and exhibit their talent, enjoy their lives, form the spirit of unit through art.

    Multi-Academic Group in CKC was established in October 2003. It is a learning organization which is led by Learning Department in CKC. It contains many famous scholars as mentors and four branches which are math, software, humane and social science, chemistry. Members discuss and organize research meetings, public lectures and communication among universities. The group emphasizes the cooperation and discovery spirits, the innovation and expression abilities. It inspires members to pursue the excellence and try their best to compete, and promote in discussing and cooperation. It aims at making a good learning platform.