Introductions and speeches of some outstanding alumni

  ●Wu Zhaohui   From mixed-class of Grade 84
As the owner of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Wu is now the assistant of president of Zhejiang University, Executive Deputy Dean of Academy of Science and Technology in Zhejiang University and a professor in the Research Institute of computer systems organization in Zhejiang University. In addition, he is the deputy director of Intelligent Science and Technology Online Cooperation Center of National Ministry of Education, a member of the Expert Group for major software programs in the 863 Project and an expert of embedded software.

  ●Chen Jin    From mixed-class of Grade 85
Now he is Executive Deputy Dean of Chu Kochen Honors College in Zhejiang University, vice president of Science and Technology Policy Seminar of China, president of Technology and Economy Seminar of China and he works as a part-time Doktorvater in the PREST research center in Manchester University. In June of 2005, as a member of committee of All-China Federation of Youth, he was granted an interview with General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao and some other leaders of the central authority.

  ●Zhou Kun    From mixed-class of Grade 93
He was honored the Microsoft Fellowship in 1999, and in 2004 he was admitted as a boffin in the Microsoft Asian Academy, being the youngest person in charge. In 2006, he became a specially invited professor of Zhejiang University in the Cheung Kong Scholars Program.

  ●Senior research fellow in IBM Watson Center of Research who has great achievements in the field of computer biology. Holder of 6 invention patents, winner of computing chemistry award from American Association of Chemistry, top award of doctoral graduates from Columbia University and IBM award of invention and creation. Several papers issued in Science and Physical Review Letters.

  ●Since 1988, he started to study and research in Chinese Academy of Science on voice and language information processing. He’s now vice-director of national critical laboratory of pattern recognition and the director of Center of Hi-tech Creation, and the member of experts group on the subject of computer software and hardware, which is incorporated in 863 plan of China.

  ●Fang Yi    From mixed-class of Grade 99
He once studied in the ITP of Chu Kochen Honors College. In 2005, he set up Hang Zhou Daily Science and Technology CO LTD with the registered fund of 100 thousand, and in 2006 he set up Hang Zhou Huadan Network CO LTD with the registered fund of one million. In 2007, he set up a joint venture-Hang Zhou Tianzhi Science and Technology CO LTD with the registered fund of ten million. Now he works as president of Hang Zhou Daily Science and Technology CO LTD and holds an concurrent post as party branch secretary of Huaxin Time Square in Gaoxin District.

  ●Peng Yisha   From Science class of Grade 05
Up till now she has published 3 essays in top International Conference. During her college life she was invited to Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA to participate in science research and academic interflow. She once took part in the ACM programming competition in Zhejiang Province on behalf of Zhejiang University and won the title of Best Women Team. What's more, in the Mathematic Modeling Competition, not only did she won the gold medal in the domestic competition, but she was also rewarded the gold medal in the international competition. Besides, she published an extraordinary essay in the essay colloquium of Zhejiang University, and she was honored the Microsoft Young Scholar, UCLA Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology, Columbia Young Fellow and so on.

  ●Chen Jianhui went to study in the former Zhejiang University of Agriculture out of her great interest in agriculture in 1985. She’s now a director of Alumni Association of School of Animal Science of ZJU, one of the members of the 3rd Feed Additive Profession Standing Committee held by Chinese Feed Industry Association.

  ●Hu Haiping was employed by Procter& Gamble Company in 1991 as the director of sales department in Asian-Pacific region. He got a MBA degree from CUHK in 1994. Since 1996, he has been the vice-president of Ferri Wear Group. In 1999, he was also made the manager of Shanghai Ferri Wear Limited Company. He’s now the executive president of Limited Company of Ferri Wear Investment and Holding (Group), head of Shanghai alumni association of CKC Honors College of ZJU.

  ●Shentu Zubin, in 1997, formed a team of technical elites and took charge of the Education Department project of campus network software development. In the same year, he established Limited Company of ZJU Network Information System of which he is the chairman of the board and president. Within only a few years, the company has grew rapidly into the flagship of Chinese educational informationization. 

  ●Du Junhong’s the winner of the honorary title of “Top Ten Graduate Students” in 1999. He started his own career then. He is now the president of Limited Company of Longcheer (stock of which went public in Singapore), one of the top mobile phone designing company. Under his direction, Longcheer was selected as among top 50 of “Deloitte Hi-tech& Hi-Growth Companies in China”.

  ●Lin Ying,Master in Computer, MBA, PhD in Economics and the manager of the Limited Company of ZTC Device Installation.

  ●Wu Jiazhi was the instructor of ZJU team of ACM/ICPC and established new training courses. He was also the judge of world’s top programming contest. He was employed since May,2002 as a part-time employee by Top Coder. In December 2004 he became the formal employee in Top Coder. In 2007 he was employed by Top Coder as vice-president of technology in the region of China. He was “one of the most productive and successful employee ever in history” of his company.

Acknowledgements of schoolfellows:

   Chu Kochen Honors College brings me a way of thinking, a kind of upbeating attitude. Many of us have the spirit of exploring and advancing. I consider that our college, our school and even our society needs this sort of spirit.
 ---84 Yan Zhengrong

   I entered Chu Kochen Honors College in 1989, and it was called ‘the mixed class’ at that time. The will of learning and the strong ability to learn left me a really deep impression. The cruel competition urged us to fulfill all our potential. And we really made no efforts to achieve our potential.Chu Kochen Honors College taught me how to face the competition, reat the failure correctly and improve at any time anywhere.                   
----89 Shen Jian

   The pattern of Chu Kochen Honors College benefits us a lot. Curriculums not only care about your short-term performance, but also benefit your whole life. We have many mentors here who can nurture and guide your life.
----02 Wang Rong

In the four years’ time, ZJU teaches me to be 有容乃大, CKC Honors College teaches me the pursuit of excellence, Platform of Engineering teaches me the pursuit of perfection. In the future road of life I will proceed more steadily.
----06 Cao Chen

During the four years in CKC, I got to know countless numbers of brilliant students from Platforms of Liberal-Art, Science and Engineering. They are all full of wit and passion, which makes every moment that I spend with them a spillover of wisdom and a surge in the soul, full of joy and resonance. It’s probably the most wonderful experience which is only obtainable in CKC Honors College.                      
----06 Zhou Rongrong

Alumni Communication Organization
    Chu Kochen Honors College’ schoolfellows’ meeting creates a platform for schoolfellows in business areas and provides experience and intelligence for new commers in this area. There are also more cooperations and chances.
    Sea’s great because it contains thousands of brooks and hundreds of rivers. Our excellent schoolfellows are everywhere in the world and in every area. In order to achieve the communication and development of schoolfellows, we’ll plan to conceive homecomings in Bei Jing, Guang Zhou and north America. This kind of organizations will bound every member of the big family together.