“Discover ZJU”, was a new brand activity for all ZJUers launched by CKC in 2014. It aimed a t discovering ZJU in multiple angles and showed the most beautiful ZJU to ZJUers and other people, by cooperating with some organizations like the Young Professors Association, and holding iWalk to visit state key laboratories and iShare to discover rich and colorful cultural activities and the surrounding food of ZJU. This visit to the state key laboratory is the first part of “Discover ZJU”. We invite famous professors from corresponding professionals to help students choose majors and make life plans. Students can communicate with professors face to face. Meanwhile, students were led to visit the state key laboratories of various departments, and feel the charm of the subject in short range. Deputy Secretary of the CKC Youth League Committee, Cheng Siyao introduced that, “This activity aims at making all ZJUers to discover ZJU with their own eyes, understand beautiful things around them, and feel the unique atmosphere of ZJU.” This visit included state key laboratories of five departments: energy engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering as well as information and electronic engineering. Every department gave a deep impression on students’ mind with its unique atmosphere.

A journey to “Energy” 
Key word: unity
Professor Qiu Limin from Department of Energy announced that it is unity that makes the department develop so rapidly. Unity is the main idea of every person. Students collaborated for a scientific research task and professors conduct experiments with students till late night . The letter D in DOE which is known as ‘Department Of Energy Engineering is given a new connotation, ‘Dream’. It is the energy dream from the department, the international dream from ZJU, and the ‘Green Dream’ from the whole world.

A journey to “machinery” 
Key word: intersection
Nowadays machinery is no longer muggy workshop, the roar of press machine, heavy grease smell or the marks on uniforms. On the contrary, it’s spotless wall and large scale equipment with little noise. The charm of machinery lies in the intersection with other subjects. Department of machinery won several awards in a variety of national and international Robot competitions . Actually, it is the robot design that applies a lot of machinery signal control and processing from another subject named mechanical engineering. Yonghua Yang, the academician from the Department of machinery express his expectations to us, ”Let alone make a difference to the country, only knowing how to study is useless to our society, but it is doing something conscientiously that counts. ”

A journey to “Computer Science”
Key word: practice
Geek is a name to describe the person who is interested in the Internet and computer science. Since the era of big data is coming, the technology of computer is gradually emerging in our daily life. The deputy president of the Computer Science and Technology College Bao Hujun said: “The standard of the graduates in my mind is having the ability to learn the new knowledge and can apply it in the practice.” Obviously, the display of naked eye 3D television, the series of highly-intelligence furniture and intelligent management of libraries all concentrate on the practical questions in daily life. They are aiming at “created by China”, and letting the computer science become an art, flying with logic and imagination.

A journey to “photoelectricity”
Key word: colorful
For ‘photoelectricitier ’, experiments are not filled with pungent chemicals or complex experimental data, but dance under the colorful light. In ‘Color Lab’, different colors of skin under the different light even affect people’s emotions. What kind of light can arouse the desire to buy? What kind of light can make the vegetables look fresh? Gently adjust the brightness can produce entirely different results. Experiments take from life and serve our life. The trip to photoelectricity lab is like watching a brilliant movie, filled with the vitality of science and the footprint of contributing youthful passion of ZJU students.

In the way of di scovery, “Discover ZJU” will be always with you and me, never far away.